Tub Foam Buying Guide

Contemporary Tub Foam Buying Guide

Vintage Tub & Bath now offers our Keep Warm Promise, guaranteed for Randolph Morris Contemporary Acrylic Bathtubs*! Our specially designed spray foam blend provides an extra layer of warmth to the inner wall of the tub, so you’ll no longer worry about the bathwater cooling too quickly. You’ll also save on water by no longer needing to add more hot water to your bath, creating a more environmentally friendly bathing experience. Enjoy a stress-free bath and save money today with Vintage Tub & Bath’s Keep Warm Promise!

Please allow an additional 10 to 15 days of production time.

*Not compatible with bathtubs that have faucet drillings.

Key Benefits

  • Pro Rewards Exclusive Pricing

    Added Heat Retention

    • Our specially designed spray foam blend helps keep your bath water warmer longer.
  • Pro Rewards First To Know

    Extended Bathing Experience

    • Enjoy a longer, warmer bath with our Keep Warm Promise.
  • Pro Rewards Free Shipping

    Energy Efficient

    • No more wasting water, refilling the tub to maintain a warm bath.
  • Pro Rewards Dedicated Sales Representative

    Save Money

    • Using less water means more money in your pocket.

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