Freestanding Tub

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Clawfoot Tubs

What are clawfoot tubs made out of?

Clawfoot tubs are traditionally made from cast iron to retain heat, but more modern versions are made from acrylic or fiberglass due to their light weight.

Are acrylic clawfoot tubs durable?

Acrylic tubs are durable in the sense that they resist chipping, but they can still be scratched. These scratches can be easily buffed out with non-abrasive cleaners.

Will a clawfoot tub crack tile?

Tile floors, especially porcelain, are very durable and will not break under heavy weight but they can scratch. Tile flooring is ideal for supporting a heavy bathtub at full capacity.

Can you paint a clawfoot tub?

New clawfoot tubs can be painted by a professional in-house at Vintage Tub & Bath, and we have several colors selections. Antique tubs should be refinished by a professional.

Are clawfoot tubs comfortable?

Clawfoot tubs by design are generally deep and have a back-friendly angle for soaking. Slipper clawfoot tubs are even more comfortable because they are arched for even more back support.

Are clawfoot tubs hard to get in and out of?

Clawfoot tubs inherently have higher sides than most standard tubs. This may be something to consider if you have children or you are a senior looking for a new bathtub.

How much do clawfoot tubs cost?

Prices may vary, but they are one of the most expensive tub types you can buy. Clawfoot tub prices range from $900 and up depending on brand and materials used.

Why are clawfoot tubs do expensive?

Cast iron tubs are more expensive due to raw material cost and they require more work to produce. Acrylic tubs are less expensive because acrylic materials are less costly.

Freestanding Tubs

What is the best material for a freestanding tub?

Freestanding tubs are constructed with a variety of materials, from cast iron to copper or acrylic to resin. The buyer should decide which material best compliments their space and preference.

Are freestanding tubs hard to clean?

Freestanding tubs are as easy to clean as any regular bathtub. Be sure to use nonabrasive mild cleansers and pads on your tubs finish to keep it looking its best.

Are freestanding tubs practical?

Depending on the size of space, freestanding tubs are a very practical choice. If you’re taking baths in a daily routine as opposed to showers, freestanding tubs are for you.

Are freestanding tubs more expensive?

Generally freestanding tubs are more expensive than the now traditional built-in tub. Manufacturing and material costs, as well as design are major factors in the expense.

Farmhouse Sinks

Do farmhouse sinks stain?

Sink stains can happen with any sink, not just farmhouse sinks. This can be easily maintained by making sure the sink is clean from excess food particles after each use.

How do I clean my farmhouse sink?

Farmhouse sinks are made from either porcelain or fireclay, so they won’t show fingerprints/watermarks like stainless steel. Keep it clean while washing dishes by lightly wiping it down.

Are farmhouse sinks durable?

Farmhouse sinks are super durable, especially those made from fireclay. The method of construction involves forging at high temperatures and then the sink is glazed with further hardening materials.

Do farmhouse sinks require special cabinets?

Farmhouse sinks do not require special cabinets, but you will need to do some modifications to your existing ones as well as the countertop.

Which farmhouse sink should I buy?

The farmhouse sink you choose really depends on what your kitchen needs. You can choose from a single or double basin, as well as fireclay, copper, stainless steel, and more!

How much does a farmhouse sink cost?

Cost of a farmhouse sink is dependent on material. Stainless steel is on the lower end (around $400) while fireclay farmhouse sinks can range from $500 and up.

Bathroom Vanities

What’s a bathroom vanity?

A bathroom vanity is a bathroom centerpiece consisting of a sink with storage underneath and cabinetry around it. Surrounding the sink is the benchtop to place toiletries and other items.

What are the best bathroom vanities?

Best is subjective but ask yourself which vanity is best for your bathroom when researching vanities. Barn door vanities are extremely popular and bring a rustic vibe to your home.

Can a bathroom vanity be raised?

Bathroom vanities can be raised with custom framing or permanent legs if desired. We suggest measuring and double checking dimensions so that the bathroom vanity purchased is a perfect fit.

How do I install a bathroom vanity?

Installing a new vanity can be a project, so if you aren’t a DIYer then we recommend having it installed by a professional. See our general install instructions here.

Pedestal Sinks

What are pedestal sinks made of?

Pedestal sinks are made from porcelain, vitreous china, fireclay, ceramic, or marble construction. Durability and longevity are an important factor when choosing your perfect sink.

Are all pedestal sinks the same height?

Standard size for pedestal sinks is between 33 and 34 inches to accommodate most adults comfortably. This also works with standard size bathroom cabinets since they are 34 inches high.

Are pedestal sinks hard to install?

Installing a pedestal sink is no harder than installing other sink types. You need to measure everything, relocate your supply and drain lines if needed, and install your new sink.

Are pedestal sinks outdated?

On the contrary, pedestal sinks have made a comeback in the last several years and are both contemporary and modern. They are also compatible in smaller bathrooms to save space.